When we think about people that we respect, we tend to think of one word, genuine. No one thinks of the most superficial transparent person they ever met and says “I want to be like them”. So doesn’t the logic follow that you would not want to buy from them either? I would use the same logic when aligning your efforts to get Instagram followers. Even in an age of digital media the general public can still smell the snake oil salesman, and this can seriously damage your efforts to get Instagram followers. A follower is a potential customer, and there are 3 distinct types of customers:

  1. A basic customer- This is any old follower that you have to court and chase (usually the most expensive to get and the hardest to keep).
  2. A follower- Someone that reads what comes in from you and is genuinely interested, the only issue is you have to keep the Posts coming and keep a follower fed.
  3. A fan- A fan gets what you are trying to do, actively promotes your Posts and also comes to your site or blog on a regular basis… they actively seek you out. This is the least costly way to get Buy Instagram Followers Australia, and fanatical ones at that.

So you may be thinking to yourself “well this is all and good but how do I do it? “…not to worry there are a few simple rules to turning customers into fans. Follow these and you will be well on your way with a complete understanding on how to get Instagram followers that will sell your product for you.

  1. Remember that at the beginning I mentioned the term “genuine”, just start there. Be the message you want to convey because the act of aligning your message with your actions is more powerful than you realize.
  2. Invite your followers into your world, your blog, your thoughts…give them another outlet to you and show them that you are willing to hear what they have to say if they listen to what you have to say, this mutual win-win will help you get Instagram followers that have a vested interest in you.
  3. Provide value in your content, everyone is looking for something, you have to give in order to receive, it a reciprocal event that helps you get Buy Instagram Followers Australia that transcend the mere customer supplier relationship.

Karen Marrow enjoys sharing strategies to maximize your profits with social media and Instagram Marketing