Small Business – Committing to Using Instagram

How Often DO You Post?

Do you tweet once a day? Once an hour? Every few minutes? Or maybe your posts are so infrequent that you have almost forgotten you have a Instagram account.

But you have decided to use Instagram as a marketing tool for your offline business. So the question then becomes how often should you Post? How many Posts does it take to make you a committed Instagram Marketer?

This changes the question to – How Often SHOULD You Post?

Instagram for Offline Businesses – for LOCAL Brick and Mortar businesses – becomes a matter of reinforcing relationships that you likely already have person to person, in addition to building and reinforcing your OFFLINE Instagram Marketing Strategies.

In the case of using Instagram to market an Offline Business, all of the advice online about using Instagram needs to be carefully re-evaluated.

Let’s face is… easily 90% of the Instagram Strategies offered are recommendations for using Instagram to build an ONLINE business.

The folks writing these guides probably won’t ever meet ANY of their Followers face to face, let alone interact with them personally and on a regular basis.

For offline businesses, Instagram is a POWERFUL tool that can be used to PROD your local customers into taking Offline Action.

Here are two Instagram OFFLINE Business Scenarios designed to prod folks into taking Offline Action
Scenario ONE

  • Encourage them to visit your restaurant and get a free dessert TODAY (with purchase of a lunch or whatever), by giving the Secret Instagram Password
  • You are enticing folks into your restaurant if they do come to take advantage of the deal
  • If they don’t come today, you have still been able to send them a DAILY REMINDER that your restaurant exists
  • Combine your Instagram offer with other offers, like a Frequent Guest Card… Let’s face it, in this frugal economy, anything that you can do to keep them IN THE HABIT of dining at your restaurant is going to pay off long term and Buy Instagram Followers Australia .

Scenario TWO

  • Using Instagram, set up a Concierge Service for your Beauty Salon.
  • Send a Post out 48 hours before you make a trip to your beauty supply wholesaler. Ask your customers to Direct Message you if they need products.
  • The arrangement that you set up is that these Special Orders must be picked up within 7 days – and you give a 10% discount on these purchases.

With the agreement that the product will be paid for within the week, you can afford to give a discount. You aren’t tying up inventory dollars and the product isn’t languishing on the shelf

Because you have, essentially, PRE-SOLD the product, you can justify buying (and SELLING) products that you don’t normally stock.

The KEYS to both of these Offline Business Strategy are PLANNING and CONSISTENCY!

As an offline business owner, you are used to thinking long term.

In this case, you are taking a social media tool that is all about instant gratification (Instagram) and using it as a long term Offline marketing secret weapon.

Will these Instagram campaign have an immediate payoff?

Probably not!

But, it you plan and implement this for the long term, Posting every day about a free Dessert or Posting once a week about a chore that you would be doing anyway (the trip to the beauty supplier) in 12 or 18 months, you will likely have a nice little income stream from these tactics.

Building Instagram Relationships

Instagram is for social networking, a place to build relationships.

Don’t you think that serving dessert to your Instagram Followers – Face to Face – is going to build and strengthen your relationships with them?

Don’t you think that Direct Messaging someone about her Special Order is going to build a stronger relationships there?

And think about it… when you have the product in hand, you TWEET (not Direct message) a general tweet that the product is ready to be picked up

By Posting, you are reminding those who DIDN’T Special Order this time that they could have… and maybe they’ll decide to take advantage of the convenience next week! LOL

Utilizing Instagram as a marketing tool allows for interactive marketing. Interactive marketing is critical to building a business relationship. Since Instagram is a tool through which its users can reach their audiences, real-time, you have the opportunity to build relationships with your followers in real time, and in the case of brick and mortar businesses, you can build face to face relationships and  Buy Instagram Followers Australia

Take the time to plan a Instagram marketing strategy that works for your offline business…. then, COMMIT and IMPLEMENT over the long term!

A unique strength of Instagram for Offline business is the fact that it can be accessed (and used) from small handheld computing devices… you aren’t trapped behind a computer. This also means that Instagram can be used while on the go… a key piece of the puzzle for offline businesses.

Instagram has the potential to become an extremely important part of YOUR online marketing puzzle, if you understand how to use it for Offline businesses. Here is a Step by Step tutorial on the RIGHT way to set up a Instagram account and the pitfalls to avoid.

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Five Powerful Techniques That Attract Instagram Followers

When we think about people that we respect, we tend to think of one word, genuine. No one thinks of the most superficial transparent person they ever met and says “I want to be like them”. So doesn’t the logic follow that you would not want to buy from them either? I would use the same logic when aligning your efforts to get Instagram followers. Even in an age of digital media the general public can still smell the snake oil salesman, and this can seriously damage your efforts to get Instagram followers. A follower is a potential customer, and there are 3 distinct types of customers:

  1. A basic customer- This is any old follower that you have to court and chase (usually the most expensive to get and the hardest to keep).
  2. A follower- Someone that reads what comes in from you and is genuinely interested, the only issue is you have to keep the Posts coming and keep a follower fed.
  3. A fan- A fan gets what you are trying to do, actively promotes your Posts and also comes to your site or blog on a regular basis… they actively seek you out. This is the least costly way to get Buy Instagram Followers Australia, and fanatical ones at that.

So you may be thinking to yourself “well this is all and good but how do I do it? “…not to worry there are a few simple rules to turning customers into fans. Follow these and you will be well on your way with a complete understanding on how to get Instagram followers that will sell your product for you.

  1. Remember that at the beginning I mentioned the term “genuine”, just start there. Be the message you want to convey because the act of aligning your message with your actions is more powerful than you realize.
  2. Invite your followers into your world, your blog, your thoughts…give them another outlet to you and show them that you are willing to hear what they have to say if they listen to what you have to say, this mutual win-win will help you get Instagram followers that have a vested interest in you.
  3. Provide value in your content, everyone is looking for something, you have to give in order to receive, it a reciprocal event that helps you get Buy Instagram Followers Australia that transcend the mere customer supplier relationship.

Karen Marrow enjoys sharing strategies to maximize your profits with social media and Instagram Marketing

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Instagram Followers and Your Business 2019

What is the importance of having lots of Instagram followers?

Debates have raged back and forth on Instagram about quality versus quantity as Instagram has been used to monetize many businesses from Dell, Threadless, and Zappos to the countless number of small businesses using the service to increase their brand around the world. Here are the 2 reasons why having large numbers make sense and the 2 reasons why it all comes down to quality.

  1. Big is not always better, unless it is perceived as better. Say what? For me having 20,000 followers is does not matter, except for the extra perceived business value that comes with the statement. That could be the tipping point for a business deal, partnership, etc. What I am saying is that it is not important to me, but it could be important to someone else and in the world of business that is important and  Buy Instagram Followers Australia .

For example, you are in marketing and want to bring in a big company as a client. You have done a great pitch and maybe need one last item to sweeten the deal. They ask, “What do you know about social media?” Telling them that you have 20,000 followers on Instagram would be a great way to increase your potential with the company versus 1,000. Whether right or wrong perceived value comes from having these followers.

  1. More eyeballs equals more money. In reality, most companies have still not fully transitioned from traditional marketing to social media. The reason this is important is because big business by and large still advertise their services and goods close to the way it was done 10, 15, and even 20 years ago. They view Instagram as a large free newspaper. Every post is an ad. Every Post is a “special deal”.

Going with the ideas of traditional media, if you have an ad that goes out to 100,000 people and.1% call you back and buy your product then you are happy. Take that to the next level with social media. Instead of doing 1 ad that gets you 100 people buying your product, you can do 30 ads to 100,000 people and maybe 1000 people to buy your product that month. The funny thing is that to an extent that does bring in extra business, because you will always find someone to buy a quality product from an established brand. At the same time, I know that there are tremendous opportunity costs being lost. 

So now that we have the argument for quantity, let us take a look at quality:

  1. The key word here is social media. In order to get your word out you have to be social by building relationships. I know for a fact that I have not connected with every person that follows me. It is physically impossible. In reality I have probably spoken to about 30-40% of the people that follow me over the past year. That is still a lot of contact.

When you have 100 Followers Australia you can keep track and manage this effectively. On the flip side, I am writing this article at 5:30 in the morning and according to Instagram, the most recent 20 Post happened in the last 5 seconds. Additionally while I am writing this 80 more Posts have just appeared in waiting for me to recycle them in and find out what those people have said.

  1. Instagram was set up to be a place where people could build relationships. In the walls of the 140 character tweet lies immense power to change people’s view of the world and you. Additionally, one line is all it takes to connect you with someone in Indonesia, Australia, and England. The more relationships you can establish on these sites the more you will become successful.

Talking to someone as we discussed in the previous argument is great, building a friendship with someone across the ocean that you have never spoken to is a power that transcends imagination. It is also a power that leads to sales, referrals, and repeat business. People buy from those they like.

So which is better? That is for everyone reading this article to decide. In the end it will probably come down to a mixture of quantity and quality for most people. That is the great fun of Instagram, you decide your fate. For More Information Please Visit

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Instagram – Power Marketing in 140 Characters Or Less

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to online marketing or you are a more seasoned business owner, you are always looking for new ways to network and get the word out about your product or service. You have to take a look at Instagram. It’s a hybrid between instant message and pint size blog. Instagram will change the way you interact with your existing customers and how you cultivate new customers. It is all about the relationships so remember givers gain on this new platform. There is a culture on Instagram so sit back look and listen before you begin to market products or services. You can jump in the conversation at anytime but always remember to provide something of value and Followers UK

Here are 5 reasons to use Instagram as your Power Marketing Tool of choice…

  1. 140 Characters or less Less is more! One of the best things about Instagram is that it keeps all messages short and to the point in 140 characters or less. You’ll have to give your customers and clients the gist of what is going on in short messages better known as “Posts” (messages similar to instant messages) that allow their interest to be piqued in such a way as to make them want to know more. You don’t have to worry about boring your clients or customers, there simply isn’t any room for the extra fluff. Instead, you will be able to catch their attention quickly and make them interested in knowing more.
  2. All in an Instant… It is a Blog and RSS feed all in one, you can get access to the people that use Instagram seconds after they create the post. Instagram allows its users to connect their account to the cell phone for instant message type interaction. It is much like have a chat but only using 140 characters. You can reach your followers in an instant and they can reply in the next instant no matter. You are making sure that your followers have all of the latest updates about what you are doing and what’s going on in your world by simply sending a Post and Buy Instagram Followers UK .
  3. Follow the crowd… Instagram is a social network not just for business. People connect with people first and the business will follow. Remember people buy from people they know, like and trust. Connect with the people and the business opportunities will follow. Be authentic, allow your true personality to shine through your tweets and your profile. We are the sum total of all the relationships we have past and present. Be a person of value in the conversations, listen and build your social equity with ease. Your Social Equity is very important when building your online brand.
  4. Listen and Learn Listen to the conversations to the others who have something in common with you. Search for people in the search functionality or use a tool called Instagram Search to see what being talked about on Instagram, follow those that you find who are interested in you. Listen first and see what can learn. You will actually learn how to use Instagram by listening. By following others Instagram accounts, especially if they look like they have a lot to offer, you can stay in the know about various products, services, and other activities online and offline. Listening and Learning is a great way to stay at the pulse of Instagram and your industry. Connect with the leaders in your industry and you will learn more than you can imagine.
  5. Make Them Laugh You can use Instagram to bring out the fun side of people and life. There is a lot for room to add a bit of mystery in your Posts as you only have a few characters to get your point across. You gain a lot more followers (fans), build your social equity, credibility, website traffic and customers as a result of piquing their interest with a bit of humor.

Confessions : Be careful, just as with any other social networking site, Instagram can quickly become addicting. I am a happy Twitaholic who has learned how to monetize the Instagram experience and so can you. When you are having fun, you can sometimes get caught up in the moment.Instagram is great and powerful marketing tool to help build your social equity, credibility and profitability. Make sure you are always stay connected to the original purpose for Instagram, Powerful Marketing Tool in 140 characters or less.

Therese Prentice “Social Networking Queen” – Social Networking Expert, Marketing Coach and Joint Venture Broker – Relationship Building Expert – Founder of Women’s Network: In the Living Room LLC, Motivational Speaker, Author, Teacher and Coach

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